Speed reading software

Reading Soft is an innovative computer program designed to improve reading skills slated for release 3rd quarter of this year.

It will includes exercises designed to continuously improve reading skills; for example, exercises to expand visual span. In addition reading tests are performed at the beginning of each session and finally the results for each kind of exercise or test are logged. Each user can then track his progression.

Various reading modes will provide an impressive acceleration of reading pace within each training session. At the same time they help the user to develop new reading habits. The user will also memorize the principles of efficient reading and learn exercises to apply when reading books. A computer program is the only way these reading aids can be effectively exploited.

The training program focuses on reading all words, that is integral reading. Partial reading techniques like skimming require a fast perception of words and rapid reading of short passages. Integral reading is thus the basis of all speed reading techniques.

Learning theory while practicing

Training with FReader speed reading software is practice oriented. The texts forming the body of this unique method, developed by ReadingSoft.com, are themselves used as reading exercises. They provide a fascinating experience as they reveal and explain to the reader what is happening with his brain and eyes as he reads. These texts explain in detail and in a simple way eye movements, vision and language mechanisms associated with the reading process.


There is a well known joke about rapid reading:

“I have been speed reading War and Peace for ten minutes, … It is about Russia.”


Quite funny. However, all reading tests show that good readers are not only reading faster, but are actually reading more and with a higher comprehension. They are more productive and better decision-makers as they are efficient information managers.

At ReadingSoft.com we sincerely believe that reading efficiency is the most productive and easiest route to self-improvement. It is an invaluable tool for executives, students and anyone dealing with a lot of information. It is aimed, as well, to anyone who enjoys reading. Abundant reading is the key to develop skills like a large vocabulary, good spelling, rich expression and a global cultural level.

Reading for pleasure even has a positive impact on health as it provides a unique escape from stress, overwork and depression.

Check back later in the year for more information about our release.

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