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Q1. Compared to average reader, the accomplished reader reads with? Ahigher speed and worse reading comprehension Bhigher speed and better reading comprehension Chigher speed and same reading comprehension
Q2. Readers reading above 1000 wpm? AAre average readers BAre the majority of readers CAre the 1 % minority
Q3. The average reading speed is around? A120 wpm B150 wpm C200 wpm
Q4. The average reader comprehension is around? A50 % B60 % C85 %
Q5. A sprinter running as the average reader reads, runs 100m in? A10 seconds (near record time) B35 seconds (jogging) C70 seconds (walking speed)
Q6. Which is the most effective way to acquire knowledge from information? Awatching TV Breading text Clistening to a speaker
Q7. The average speaking speed of a race driver is around? A120 mph B150 wpm C200 wpm
Q8. Most computer users want to? AImprove typing BImprove reading CBuy a larger screen
Q9. What will lessen the importance of fast typing? ASpelling-checkers BMore ergonomic keyboards CProgress in voice recognition
Q10. A speed reading seminar or book lacks? ARapid results BConsistent practice CDeep enough explanations
Q11. What is probably the best way to reach top level reading efficiency? Aa speed reading book Ba speed reading seminar Ca speed reading software

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